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Salute e benessere Medicina
Sviluppatore FocusCura BV

Secure video calls with your healthcare provider, family, and friends. cContact is a smart address book that allows clients and caregivers to easily make video calls with each other.

The client and healthcare organization are automatically connected with each other through the App. As such, a list of contacts automatically appears in the app. The user can also add contacts, such as family members and friends.

- makes care time and place independent
- is developed together with clients and health care professionals
- has all contacts in one place
- can be used on different devices (multiplatform)
- longer independent living at home

For who?
For people who receive care and people who provide care. And for everyone around them with whom they easily want to make video calls.

Quick contact
Are you a client with a question for your healthcare provider? Or are you a provider and want to inquire how your client is doing? Want to consult a colleague? Through cContact, you can easily make video calls with others.